Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Surveillance Cameras And "Keep Out" Signs Didn't Keep DOB Inspectors Away


The building at 339 Union Street between Court and Smith Streets has been empty for a few months now, while the four-story house is being renovated. One hardly can blame the owner for putting up a "keep out" sign or two, but the front door is plastered with warnings to 'keep out', to 'beware of the dog', to 'not trespass on the private property'. And to make doubly sure, the place is apparently under camera surveillance.
Turns out that all these warnings didn't keep the buildings inspector out. A new sign has been added to the collection on the front door: it's a stop work order from the NYC Department Of Buildings. I guess the agency's inspectors weren't much impressed by the warnings.
Obviously, the owner and/or contractor was less concerned about thieves entering the premises than of keeping spying eyes diverted from the fact that the work being done inside did "not conform to approved construction documents" and that "six wood floor joists have been cut off from bearing wall." Or maybe it was the fact that excavating at cellar level was contrary to filed plans.

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