Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carroll Gardens Getting Ready For Easter



Agnellini Pasquale at Court Street Pastry




Marzipan Easter Lambs and assorted fruit from Monteleone's

The Agnellini Pasquale: A Sicilian Easter Tradition

Like clockwork, marzipan lambs make an appearance in the weeks leading up to Easter at both Court Pastry shop at 298 Court Street and Monteleone's at 355 Court Street. No exception this year. The molded almond paste creatures have hand-painted faces, rest on a bed of fake green grass and are surrounded by a few chocolate eggs and candy.
It wouldn't be Easter without such a centerpiece for many Italian families here in Carroll Gardens.
Can anyone give us more information or tell us stories about these marzipan lambs? Would love to know more.



Anonymous said...

Jesus was a shepard and his people his flock.
Lambs = the people. Jesus cares for us.
Spring symbols usually are new and young like
chicks and pussy willows etc. Spring coincides with
the resurrection. Spring is rebirth of trees etc
Eggs symbols of fertility. Etc.

Anonymous said...

Those things are cute.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is the Lamb of God, that was slain, but is in Victory, having defeated death. These little lambs symbolize Jesus, not us. He is the sacrificial lamb.