Thursday, April 07, 2011

Carroll Street Mugging Victim Wants Everyone To Be Aware


As many of you have probably already heard, a woman was attacked and robbed on Carroll Street between Hoyt and Bond Streets last week. The incident happened at 7:30 PM when it was still light out. The victim, who would like to stay anonymous, has just sent me an email, describing exactly what happened to her last Thursday. She wants everyone in the neighborhood to know about the incident and to be careful and aware.

She writes:
"I was mugged on Thursday Mar 31 at 730 pm when I was walking down Carroll between Hoyt and Bond . I didn't see them coming but I am pretty sure they came diagonally from across the street. By the time I heard something / saw shadows they were already on me. One guy tried to put me in a choke hold while the other went for my bag. My initial reaction was to pull back my bag and scream for help thinking that there should be people around. I ended up on the ground. The guy that tried to choke me kept trying to put his hand on my mouth saying not to scream. I fought back until the other guy started hitting my head with his fist. At that point I thought they may have a knife (they didn't) and I let my purse go. They then said give us your phone which was in my coat pocket. I had given up and went to get my phone out but then they ran off suddenly. A neighbor had heard me and come out the house from across the street. They left my bag and ran down Carroll making a left on bond. I realized they had stolen my wallet from the bag the next morning after they started with the charges.

It happened right after the scaffolding on Carroll by that tree/fire hydrant. They were 18-25 years old from what i recall and maybe 5'7"-5'9", maybe 160-200 lbs, black/hispanic. Dressed mostly in dark clothing but i don't remember what exactly. They then went to pay rent at the NYC HA and hit Dominos on Smith and Bergen."

The incident is being investigated by the 76th Police Precinct. It is of particular concern that this incident happened so early in the evening. Though that part of Carroll Street is very quiet, this happened just as everyone was coming home from work.
Let's all be a bit more careful.



Anonymous said...

"They then went to pay rent at NYCHA." Does this mean that they used the victims cards/checks to pay their rent? If so then the management office would know who the culprits are. What does the victim mean by they "hit" Dominoes? Does she mean that they used her credit card there or that they were robbed? I would think that Dominos would have a security camera. The 76th is excellent especially the detectives.

Over the years there have been several muggings on my block. Some at gunpoint. One happened at around four in the afternoon. The victim should see if the 76th can step up the patrols for the bocks between Hoyt and Bond.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "honky", hit is slang for went to dominoes. I don't think it means hit as in a hit, like robbery. :)
And was this unfortunate victim clairvoyant? How did
she know what they did after they robbed her or was this
told to her by the police? How did they know. Yes all those cameras should
reveal someone if she can ID anyone. I'm sorry this happened. I am glad nothing worse happened.

Anonymous said...

She would know because of the charges on her credit or debit card that started showing up. When you report your cards lost or stolen the customer service rep on the phone goes through the last few charges with you to make sure they're yours or not. That's where they flag anything that you didn't charge.

Also, if you want more police presence you need to report all crimes, even small stuff like your tires being slashed or a bike stolen or your car being broken into. To get more cops they need a bigger budget at the precinct and to do that they need to show an increase in crime. If more people report things they can show a need for more funding.

Anonymous said...

"And was this unfortunate victim clairvoyant? How did
she know what they did after they robbed her or was this
told to her by the police?"
A simple call to her credit card company to report a stolen card and future possible fraudulent use would reveal where her card was used. No clairvoyant skills needed.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. It wasn't clear. Yes, the CC company. No shame those kids, but how could boys use a woman's card? and how did they know about paying rent? The NY Housing Auth takes debit cards? I wish My Landlord did!

Anonymous said...

There are many ways to commit credit/debit card fraud these days; all it takes is some (criminal) imagination. How can you explain someone charging over $5,000 in airline tickets to VietNam using my (unstolen) credit card, and the names on the tickets were Vietnamese? I'm female and not Vietnamese. In fact, the credit card company called me immediately; I had no idea the fraud had been committed.

Carroll Streeter said...

holy crap i live on this block and had no idea this happened! i feel so badly for this woman, and yuck, now i'm going to have to feel a bit scared while i never had.

Anonymous said...

I would consider further legal action against the builder of the illegal construction where this happened. It's taken over 4 years to remove the illegal floor and yet there is still scaffolding outside this building creating an opportune spot for this kind of behavior.