Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Turn A Health Department 'B' Rating To Your Advantage




My friend Carolina spotted this at Ceol, the Irish pub on Smith Street and writes: "Great way of turning the NYC Restaurant Inspection grade to your advantage."
I couldn't agree more.
The B rating was issued by the Health Department on April 8th.
Thanks for the chuckle, Carolina (and Ceol)!



Anonymous said...

Maybe Handley's can do something like that with their 'C' rating. What's a good word that starts with 'C' to describe Handley's?

Who Moved my Birkin said...

I noticed that too...I thought it was very clever!

Anonymous said...

Ha, they will get in big trouble (and fined) for that like several other restaurants in the city did for doing the exact same "hide in a word" technique. Not sure if you can post links here but do a search for it on curbed and nypost.