Monday, April 18, 2011

It Was Palm Sunday, After All! Corner Of Smith Street Transformed Into Tropical Oasis


Palm Sunday On Smith Street
Someone selling palm trees transformed the corner of Smith and President on the Carroll Park side into a little tropical oasis over the week-end.  It actually looked rather fun. Obviously, sales were brisk because I saw plenty of people on the street carrying off the plants.
Does anyone know who set up this little business? 


Anonymous said...

It would have been nicer if the Friends of Carroll Park were the ones running the plant sale, so the profits would benefit the park. Instead the profits probably went into someone's pocket, who doen't care about CG or the Park. I wonder what the City rega say about using the sidewalk in front of a city park for private sales.

Anonymous said...

A van was picking up on Sunday evening -- King something or other from 28th St/NY, NY.

This was at least the 2nd time they'd done this, and the 76th should be phoned as there's little sidewalk access (esp. for wheelchairs). I'm sure passersby believe the Friends/Carroll Park have sanctioned this. This is another way, to drive business from local florists, stores. Between this, and the green-market selling flowers etc. (when its supposed to be vegetables/fruit brought to under-served areas).

Anonymous said...

It's not allowed without a permit.