Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Moment In Time: The Lady In The Window


With her elbows propped on a pillow,
she was watching the world go by from her window.



Cynthia said...

There was a lady, Millie, who lived on Hoyt and was always looking out her window. A few times when she saw me walking down President pushing Kaya in the stroller she would go, "Pssssst, pssssst," wave us over and then throw down a package of Fig Newtons. She always had a treat.

Anonymous said...

This is soooo Brooklyn! I love it! When I was growing up, the older ladies on the block would ask one of us kids to go to the grocery store for her, and from an upper floor, using a string, she would lower a basket with money in it. When we'd return with her groceries, she'd tell us to keep a quarter.

Allyn Howard said...

Pretty sure this will be me one day!

Katia said...

I thought the same thing.
There used to be a little lady in the window on First Place between Court and Smith. Years ago, when I used to walk by with my kids, I always asked them to wave to her. Her smile of gratitude was priceless.
One day she was gone and shortly afterwards, the apartment was renovated.
I still look up at that window and in my mind, I see her sitting there.