Sunday, April 24, 2011

Picture Of The Day: Easter Sunday At Triunfel Grocery


Easter Sunday in Carroll Gardens

Triunfel Grocery on Court Street was selling plants on the sidewalk in front of the store for the holiday. The display of bright blooms was lovely.

What did you do on this fine day? Did you stay in the neighborhood or did you just come back into town?



Anonymous said...

I noticed that the neighborhood was especially empty this weekend. I realize that all of the newbies who claim to love the neighborhood leave on weekends and during the summer, but Easter?

Anonymous said...

Well I am one of those newbies, we stayed here, bought some flowers at that shop and enjoyed a gorgeous brunch at my girlfriend's place, who is also in the neighborhood! Finally felt like Spring and we really soaked it all in! Love our new neighborhood and we love all the small businesses who we always try to support. Thanks for your blog, love reading about the news on the street.

Landlord said...

Thanks for the laugh anon 9:11--I'm glad they leave town!