Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Small Section Of Sidewalk Caves In On Court Street




A small section of sidewalk seems to have caved in on Court Street, in front of Layla Jones Pizza. Some of the cement sections had shifted a few inches and one was broken in half. The spot was secured with orange cones and caution tape as I was walking by this afternoon.
Any idea what caused this?

By the way, the city has issued some more sidewalk violations around Carroll Gardens. With the streets riddled with potholes, that seems low even for the city.
I heard of three home owners who just received violation notices on Carroll Street between Smith and Hoyt Street. (Just last summer, quite a few were served on the opposite side of the street.)

Have you heard of others in the neighborhood getting violations?


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Frederick_F said...

Considering that Court Street has seen incidents such as burst pipes up by 1st Place, electrical fires by Union Street as well as Baltic and now this, it may be time for renovation. Our infrastructure needs more than a face lift.