Wednesday, May 04, 2011

After Tasteful But Lengthy Renovation, House On DeGraw Remains Empty

305 DeGraw Street during renovation (photo curtesy of Google Maps)





NYC Department Of Buildings permits for a renovation on the 25 foot wide, originally two- story building with garage at 305 DeGraw Street between Court and Smith Streets were first issued in 2002, but work did not start until a few years later.
The house changed hands in 2006 for $1,875,000 and new permits were issued in 2007. Plans were filed by Baxt Ingui Architects , a firm with a large client base here in brownstone Brookyn. Shortly afterwards, construction began in earnest. The building was gutted, an extension in the rear was built and a tasteful 3rd floor mansard roof addition was added. It looked as though construction was almost completed at the end of last year when the scaffolding was taken down.
However, there has been no action recently on the nearly-completed building and it remains unoccupied.
Does anyone know what is going on and why this is taking so long? There are no violations or complaints registered with the DOB, which could have slowed this job down.



landlord said...

I really enjoy the pics of the neighborhood & being kept abreast of relevant news, but I think asking about a private residence is a bit creepy.

Anonymous said...

Your observations on the lengthy process on a project that aims to fit into the neighborhood may be evidence of the Department of Buildings making it more time consuming to obtain the necessary sign offs of permits.
It seems that the DOB is spending most of it's man hours making sure the honest guy is honest while others, like the building at 2nd Place, get away with building concrete walls on it's front court yard.

Anonymous said...

Landlord : if it was not for Katia and her husband, this nabe would have no rules.

concetta said...

oh puleeze, anon 4:38!

Anonymous said...

This is our house. Please take this posting down. It is really none of anyone's business. Shame on you for creating this type of gossip about a residential property.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28,

I think your renovation looks great and I wish that more in our neighborhood would follow your lead. I'm sorry you feel the posting is invasive. I for one would hope that the DOB is not giving you a hard time with permitting etc. when they green-light and fast-track some truly horrendous out of context construction and ignore obvious violations such as the concrete wall referred to by Anon 10:47.

If it is the case that the DOB has been throwing up obstacles, I wonder if you might consider sharing your experience (either here or elsewhere.)