Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Checking Out The New 'By Brooklyn' On Smith Street

Everything is made locally at By Brooklyn, the small boutique that just opened two weeks ago at 261 Smith Street. From the wooden cutting boards to the batik t-shirts, from the lavender and lemon soap to the gourmet mustard, everything is produced in our fair borough.

The idea for By Brooklyn came to owner Gaia DiLoreto when she realized that locally-grown and hand-made products available at local farmers market and venues like the Brooklyn Flea, were not easily found in her Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill neighborhood. She decided to give Brooklyn craftsmen a more permanent space to sell their wares. Besides, the Santa Fe, New Mexico native was planning a career change to " unwind and reset." What better way to do that than to create a community for artists and to offer their Brooklyn-inspired wares to the neighborhood?

The small boutique just opened two weeks ago. Check it out.

By Brooklyn
261 Smith Street
Monday - Thursday: 11-7pm
Friday - Saturday: 11-8pm
Sunday: 12-6pm 


Anonymous said... they actually sell Manhattan Special or is it just a display? The only other store that I know of in the neighborhood who carries MS is Met Food on Henry St. It used to be very popular while I was growing up in CG and many stores carried it, but it has practically disappeared except for Met. It would be nice to be able to buy MS close by rather than having to trek down to Henry & DeGraw just for espresso coffee soda!

Anonymous said...

Good Food on Court sells Manhattan Special.

concetta said...

i hate these kind of stores-especially from someone who isn't even from brooklyn! once she gets 'over it' (being in brooklyn) she'll be long gone to some other 'kewel' place.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit to knowing the owner a bit but in her defense, she has lived in Brooklyn basically her whole adult life. I know she's not born and bred, but she's also not a "hobby" store owner. I wish her all the best and believe any successful business helps all the others thrive in a neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The place is OK for a start but there are much more things out there made in Brooklyn. The owner should just go to Brooklyn Flea and see. Or ETSY. I'll never shop there, but it is a nice start. Toursits will like it. Better than Taxi mugs at JFK, et Marco?

PS Every Deli has Manhattan Special. Just look. :) And Ferdinando's has it ON TAP!

Anonymous said...

To Concetta: we don't need your hatred comments. Change is a constant in New York City, Brooklyn or in life

so you GET OVER IT

Anonymous said...

Wow. Such haters. Is this how people in NY treat each other these days? If so, I'm glad I moved away as a kid and have opened my shop in another part of the country. We've had nothing but glowing community support. Looking back, our store was almost empty compared to now (a year later). It takes time to get it just right. Give a gal a break... or at least save the harshness until you have opened a better place.

Gaia said...

Yes! Manhattan Special is sold in the store. Stop by!