Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cobble Hill Coffee Shop On Court " Respectfully Disagrees" With Its C Rating From NYC Health Department





Too funny. Obviously not pleased with their C rating from the New York City Health Department, the Cobble Hill Coffee Shop at 314 Court street posted a note in its window to address local residents and customers directly. It reads:

"Although we respectfully disagree with the letter grade which was issued by the Department of Health, we have addressed and corrected each issue raised, and are now awaiting the secondary inspection. we are confident that with recent adjustments made to our systems and procedures, we will not only meet, but exceed the Department of health requirements. maintaining the cleanliness of The Cobble Hill Coffee Shop has been and will always be a top priority and a non-negotiable aspect of our business. Anyone who wants to see for themselves is welcome to do so.
please speak with Nick or Frank for more information.
Thank you."

The diner had previously earned a B rating by the agency.
Do you think Nick and Frank can make it all the way to an A? The place is actually one of the only no-frills coffee shops left in the entire neighborhood, so just for that I am rooting for Nick and Frank.


Drew Helstosky said...

Whenever I stop in at the Cobble Hill Diner I feel like a kid coming home from school on a hard day and finding a plate of cookies and a warm smile awaiting me. In fact I have brought many of my friends and acquaintances there and all have enjoyed a good meal and sometimes a good laugh in a clean, friendly environment. I will continue to go there and continue to recommend it to all
Where else can you get a dinner and a show (When Peter is on) at an affordable price.

Pam said...

Maybe the "C" stands for "Cobble Hill" or "Coffee Shop" or "Court" but it does not stand for average! My daughter lives in the neighborhood and whenever I come for a visit, that is our first stop. Nick greets with a warm smile and kind words. Food is always great. Everything is clean and inviting. I wonder what kind of rating the NYC Health Dept. should get on this one.

BevD said...

Oh well, when the original owners were there- it was packed and they served quick well made food and had their routine. As for these, i have maybe been in there twice, since they are there now. WHY?-Well, for one, they do not take the time to LISTEN- when you order- they come with half of your tables orders- ordered a soda- as i was drinking out of the plastic glass-it was CRACKED- so, i called the waiter over- he said, what is the problem- i give you another PLASTIC GLASS WITH A REFILL- POINT IS - YOU ARE SERVING PUBLIC-THERE ARE GERMS- COUGHING,SNEEZING,ETC ATTITUDE WAS PASSEE- OTHERS at the table- were waiting for coffee- without muffins,which they ordcred- THEIR SMILES AND AMUSING - DONT DELIVER- WE WIND UP STILL PAYING THE BILL.


Drew H said...

All I can say is that the place is jammed pack every Saturday and Sunday morning for a good reason. It sounds like some people would rather have another Duncan Doughnuts or a McDonalds on their doorstep rather than an honest to goodness neighborhood business

Anonymous said...

As a resident whose fire escape overlooks the back area of the mis-appropriately named Cobble Hill Coffee Shop, I can not begin to explain the disgusting and gigantic mess (full back yard area) that has grown more disgusting the 7 years I've been forced to look at it. If the Dept of Health went back there...then I'm not surprised one bit.

Can't attest to the cleanliness of the inside because any neighborhood people that would accumulate the filth that they do in the back...I just don't have the appetite.

Anonymous said...

From a Carroll Gardens neighbor.

The Department of Health grads are not a reflection of the quality of the food, or friendliness of the staff, but of the cleanliness of the restaurant.

Here is a link to the DoH's report:

and a list of the "Critical Violations:"

Sanitary Violations
1) Cold food item held above 41º F (smoked fish and reduced oxygen packaged foods above 38 ºF) except during necessary preparation.
2) Appropriately scaled metal stem-type thermometer or thermocouple not provided or used to evaluate temperatures of potentially hazardous foods during cooking, cooling, reheating and holding.
3) Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility's food and/or non-food areas.
4) Personal cleanliness inadequate. Outer garment soiled with possible contaminant. Effective hair restraint not worn in an area where food is prepared.
5) Food contact surface not properly washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any activity when contamination may have occurred.

They can respectfully disagree, but better that they clean up the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Check them out now. They have an A

Katia said...

Oh, wow. When I ate there a few days ago, they still had their C. I will certainly check it out. Thanks for the info.