Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Long After We Are Gone": A Gowanus Canal Soundscape Piece By Nerina Penzhorn


Long After We're Gone from Nerina Penzhorn on Vimeo.

Video Producer and Editor Nerina Penzhorn was kind enough to send me her incredibly beautiful video entitled "Long After We Are Gone" which she shot on the Gowanus Canal.
Her beautiful images coupled with the eerie sounds emanating from the waterway are just stunning.
Narina writes:
Long After We’re Gone is a soundscape piece that I made comprising video and audio field recordings in and around the Gowanus Canal. The title comes from a conversation I had with Eymund Diegel, who took me out on the canal by canoe. Eymund is an Urban Planner with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Gowanus Canal. He talked about the natural streams that have been flowing into the canal for centuries and that will still be around long after we’re gone.

For best effect, Nerina suggests the use of headphones.

Thank you, Nerina, for making me and my readers aware of your impressive work.


Mrs. G said...

WOW! This is truly fascinating! Thanks for sharing this Katia!Beautifully eerie!!

Katia said...

Hi there, Mrs. G.
I've missed you. Glad you liked the video.