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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mazzone Hardware To Open A 'Signature' Benjamin Moore Paint Store On Smith Street

Matt Mazzone (r) next to the young lady who is in charge of the Court Street Store's garden department
The location of Mazzone's new Benjamin Moore paint store

Mazzone, everyone's favorite neighborhood hardware store at470 Court Street is opening a 'Signature' Benjamin Moore store in the space formerly occupied by Starting Artists at 211 Smith Street. Matt Mazzone told me a few days ago that he hopes that the opening will coincide with the 61st Anniversary of the Court Street store. Paint will continue to be available at the flagship store as well.
According to Benjamin Moore's web site, 'Signature' stores offer a "newly upgraded and personal environment designed to support your color and paint selection."
I have no doubt that this second store will do extremely well. I joked with Matt that he needs to open a dedicated garden center next.



Anonymous said...

This is great news! With other neighborhood hardware/paint stores having closed in recent years, we really need a store like this, especially Benjamin Moore which is the one of the best paints available.

Anonymous said...

Not thrilled about a chain store. But with the exodus
of JFC paint center and box stores characterless, people
will be happy. I love Tonys Hardware too. And Brunos.
All good. I'm happy for them.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it a chain store. It is a brand specific store. SherwinWilliams paints are also only avail and SherwinWilliams stores.
Happy not another restaurant.
BTW - Fa'an next door to this seems closed...permanent or just for reno?

Anonymous said...

Replacing an "artist" place by a "paint" store, how ironic!

Rob said...

It beats schlepping over to Home Depot or Lowes that's for sure.

I started hitting up that hardware store more often now since most of my hardware needs aren't that hardcore (ie, water nozzle, drill bits, stud finder ect). I keep meaning to check out their plant section since a friend of mine keeps telling me I need to get some for my little fenced in yard space.

Anonymous said...

what's Ironic?