Thursday, May 12, 2011

Prom Dress Rugby: Brooklyn Women's Rugby Club To Face Opponent In Style

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(Photo credit: Manish Gosalia)

The ladies of the Brooklyn Women's Rugby Club sure have a sense of humor. Their "This Is Not Your Nana's Bingo" parties a look like a lot and now, they are going to face a rival team from long island in their prom dresses. The game will take place this Saturday, May 14th in Red Hook. Read on:

The Brooklyn Women's PROM DRESS RUGBY game! (vs. Suffolk!)
That's right! Rugby in Prom dresses! Join the Brooklyn Women's Rugby team as we take on the Suffolk County Women's team in PROM DRESSES! You must be thinking, this is crazy! Rugby in Prom Dresses? That's right folks! We will be playing with nothing but our prom dresses and mouth guards! Come out for a day of sun and fun!

The Brooklyn Women's Rugby Club!
Prom Dress Rugby Game against Suffolk County!
Red Hook Park on Bay and Hicks Street!
Because Rugby in Prom Dresses is a lot more fun to watch! (and play!)


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