Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sad News! Carroll Gardens Deli Man, Leo Coladonato, Passed Away This Morning


Leo Coladonato

Very sad news to report. The owner of Joe's Superette at 349 Smith Street, passed away this morning. It was just this past Monday that the doors to his beloved deli were closed for good.
Leo will be much missed by many here in the neighborhood. My own kids have never known a Carroll Gardens without Leo, the Superette and the delicious sandwiches and prosciutto ball.


Funeral arrangements have been made at Aievoli Funeral Home, 1275 65th Street (and 13th Avenue), Phone Number: (718) 331-2100
You can pay your last respects to Leo on Saturday and Sunday from 2-5 PM and from 7-9 PM

In front of Joe's Superette:

Thanks to Manny Simone for sending me the photos above.


Anonymous said...

Sad news. May he rest in peace. He (and his shop) will be missed and lovingly remembered.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Leo.

Joe Nardiello said...

Leo was a good man, and this news touches thousands of neighbors who live/lived in this community -- who walked through the doors of Joe's across decades, who would make "special trips" to visit.

Our deepest sympathies go to his family, of whom Leo proudly displayed photos for all patrons to see.

A shop became an institution, because of him. Joe, before him, in this shop was a great loss. But Leo kept his memory alive across decades, with unwavering respect. Our community was well served by Leo and deeply regarded Leo, in turn - which is a feeling shared/reinforced by countless workers, firemen, court officers, residents, teachers.. who patronized his store.

Personally, although I've spoken with Leo many times across recent years -- and taken rice-balls, etc. to visit friends/block parties, etc. -- its the childhood memories that come to mind. Of sitting with friends on a stoop with ham & ricotta heroes as teens, or earlier of playing "sponge-ball" across the street against a spray-painted strike-zone in PS 58s, calling a timeout for someone to wriggle through the hole in the chain-link fence to "go to Joe's" to get sandwiches & sodas. That store and Leo were part of our lives.

His memory will continue on, just like Joe's. I'll miss him. And I hope his legacy can continue on, if this was his wish, with Lou. Rest in peace.

BevD said...

Some loss to everyone. Everyone came from all over for his delicious proscuitto balls, hero sandwiches,etc. Weeks before a holiday, orders were made, right up to the event or holiday, everyone would be going and coming to pick up their orders. Very sad when i started out today in hearing this news. Rest in peace. May his rice balls live on. Never know?

Triada S. said...

Rest in Peace Leo! Your warm presence and delicious are already sorely missed on this block.

Melanie said...

Rest In Peace Leo!!You are remembered and missed.