Wednesday, June 08, 2011

After More Than A Decade As Carroll Park's Playground Associate, No Funding For Kathleen Henderson This Summer


Great News: Thanks to everyone's prompt response,Kathleen's funding has been restored.

Sad news for many kids in Carroll Gardens! The Friends of Carroll Park have just learned that our much loved Playground Associate, Kathleen Henderson has not been funded for this year. Due to substantial cuts to the Parks Department budget, there will only be 3-4 Playground Associates in all of Brooklyn. There is always a chance that the NYC Council may restore some funds but we should not count on this. We should, however, write to our
elected officials and Parks Department managers to express how important Kathleen and her programming has been for Carroll Park and our community. We could also contemplate raising funds to hire Kathleen through the Parks Department on our behalf. Any ideas or donations are

Councilman Brad Lander
456 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Assemblywoman Joan Millman
341 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Honorable Marty Markowitz
Brooklyn Borough Hall
209 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(718) 802-3700

Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey
Borough of Brooklyn
NYC Parks and Recreation
95 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Anonymous said...

Sad. Do you know how much is needed to fund Kathleen? I suspect it is a reasonable number.

This amount could have been easily raised in conjunction with the Flea Market last week. (e.g. a bake sale, sale of donated merchandise for the benefit of the park, etc)

Anonymous said...

The impact of her absence is already being noticed - the new unlicensed vendors selling plastic toys and their associated litter, older unsupervised children fighting with each other and with the parents who try to intervene, and the lack of police follow-up on these issues. I can't even imagine how bad the park is going to become this summer when it gets really busy and there is no one overseeing the park. Please let us know how to donate/contribute to a fund to restore her presence.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen is an invaluable part of this community. her unflappable patience with the children is unbeatable! Her watchful eye is an essential part of keeping the park a happy, healthy, safe place for the kids. We need Kathleen!

Havona Madama said...

Carroll Park is so lovely and inviting because obviously someone cares for it. If the city cant pay for maintenance and Kathleen then the park will need massive repairs in a very short time. This is a very short sighted budget reduction. We need more human beings as the face of NY not more parks filled with vendors and bathrooms filled with perverts. If her job is lost then I think its imperative that the community pull together the resources to pay from someone at least part time. And while are at it, can we raise some money to deal with the summer mosquito issue in the playground - must be some kind of plant we can plant to ward them off - but I digress....Save Kathleen, otherwise we are going to have to all pitch in more than ever to keep the playground safe and clean for our kids.

Anonymous said...

Ah, this is TERRIBLE news. Kathleen is such a vital part of Carroll Park and everyone's safety and well-being. She was more than just someone who organized crafts and doled out toys; she was the eyes and ears of that place and kept everything under control. She knew the trouble makers, kept an eye out for anyone in the bathrooms, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know. It is helpful to have the names and contacts available. I will contact the names in the list. Also please let us know how else to contribute.