Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All-Points Bulletin Out For Luna, The Dog


I love happy endings. A friend of the owner just reported:

"DOG FOUND! I just got the below from the owner. Thank you!!!!!

She was found!!!! she is suffering at the shelter and i am leaving early to get her. someone got an all points bulletin in queens, recognized the dog on a list she gets, told them to hold her and voila! I love community.."

An all-points bulletin is out for Luna, a sweet little dog. She was last seen on 4th Place after leaving her Huntington Street home.
Please help re-unite Luna with her worried 11-year old owner. If you have seen or have information, please call the number on the flier.


Queens Crapper said...

My friend thinks she found her!

Katia said...

Really? Cool. Details please.

Anonymous said...

There is a posting on the Bococa family list serve. Only says the dog was found - no details.

Anonymous said...

how'd they manage to lose the dog. Irresponsible probably and then want the world to help find.

Anonymous said...

So who found her? What no collar? No microchip??? Microchip your animals!!!! There is also a stolen Chiuaua out there Named Tito? Microchip. ACC in Queens is a horrible place to die. So Luna get a microchip!!!

Anonymous said...

please please keep an eye on your beloved pets people! and don't leave them outside tied to a meter while you have brunch!
my friends dog was attacked by some psycho walking a pit bull while her dog was tied up outside a grocery store unattended...luckily he only suffered a small scratch. i think she learned her lesson.

Anonymous said...

wow! um - not an irresponsible owner. not leaving her tied outside while i brunch.. really? not nice to make such negative assumptions! she ran out the door when the sitter answered it for the UPS guy and freaked out and bolted when he chased her to help the sitter.. Katia - thanks ever so much for posting this and helping get our dog returned. She was found on a highway in Queens so someone clearly nabbed her at some point and changed their mind.

Katia said...

So happy the story had a happy ending and that Luna is back safe and sound.