Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Crêpe Shack Coming To Court Street After All

In early May...
and now

Dismantled shack

Sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to the idea of the crêpe shack in the courtyard of the corner building at 369 Court Street at Carroll Street.
In early May, a 'for sale' sign appeared on the wooden structure, which had previously served as a seasonal Italian Ice stand. Shortly afterwards, a banner announced that Crêpes were coming soon.

That venture seems to be dead now, especially since the shack has been dismantled, its parts stacked against the fence.

Either the crêpe entrepreneur changed his or her mind, or someone finally realized that the shack and its commercial activity was an illegal use of the Carroll Gardens Courtyards.

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Anonymous said...

If its illegal, how do Giardini, Vinzees, Dunkin Donuts and Diego get away with it?