Monday, June 20, 2011

Shelsky's Smoked Fish Now Open On Smith Street

On the left, owner Peter Shelsky

Foodies, rejoice! No need to head to the Lower East Side anymore for great lox or white fish. From now on, all you have to do is to stop by Shelsky's Smoked Fish at 251 Smith Street. The store just opened its doors a few days ago and already, it's clear that it will soon be a neighborhood favorite. Whether cold or hot smoked, cured, pickled or kippered fish, the store seems to have it all, including wonderful spreads and salad.
And did I mention they also carry delicious rye bread, bialys, bagels and knishes?
Take it home, or order a sandwich to go. It all looks delicious. Oh, and did I mention that they will cater as well?

Shelsky's Smoked Fish
251 Smith Street
Tel: 718 855 8817


zach said...

My family and I went into Shelsky's for some smoked salmon (my 2.5 year old daughter LOVES the stuff) yesterday. Peter, the owner and namesake, was there working the register. He was incredibly nice and helpful, and the smoked salmon selection was great. We got 1/4 pound of the wild salmon, and my girl ate it all before we got home :)
We are very happy to have this addition to the neighborhood, and hope Peter the best of luck. As we say in the restaurant business "Break an egg!"

Cynthia said...

This isn't exactly my bailiwick but I stopped in during the soft opening and picked up some white fish salad for a friend who knows his stuff. He said it was delicious. The store is lovely.

Anonymous said...

They seem nice and I understand the soft opening. The space is pretty. Though, seeing the truck from Acme delivering their fish . Now I know where it comes from, not that's bad.. Don't these places usually smoke their own or buy the fish or comission it or something? Not sure that Russ and Daughters has their fish delivered from an outside company. But, I am am sure all will be well and they will do good by the hood.

concetta said...

me likey!

zach said...

@ anonymous... smoking fish requires certain licensing by NYC DOH which can be somewhat difficult to deal with at times.
I am a chef as well, so I am pretty well versed in their antics.
I must say, for outside purchased smoked fish, it is very tasty :)
totally understand the questioning, but Russ and Daughters is a tough comparison for a new shop.

Olly said...

YUM! I guess I'll just have to get fat - this kind of food is my Achilles Heel -esp. so close by..

Peter Shelsky said...

@Anonymous. Thank you for your feedback. I am Peter, the owner of Shelsky's. We are committed to doing many of the items on our menu from scratch. I pickle our herring myself, we bake all our own baked goods, and I have our first batch of gravlax curing as we speak. All appetizing shops R&D included, purchase their smoked fish from Acme and other excellent suppliers. The regulations to cold smoke and hold fish are dictated by the USDA (not even the NY Dept. of Health) In order to do it ourselves, we would need what amounts to a factory type of facility. I understand your disappointment in this matter and appreciate your questioning it. We are selling some really cool stuff right now, please do come in for a taste. If you should ever have any questions for me, I am pretty much always in the shop! Warmest Regards, Peter Shelsky

Anonymous said...

They sell rollmops? YUM! Too bad I am away for the summer.