Friday, June 24, 2011

Spirituality, Mysticism And Religion Through A Contemporary Lens At Gowanus Ballroom's "Architecture Of Devotion" Show

Devotion Flier

The Gowanus Canal immortalized in stained glass? Heck yes! At the the Architecture of Devotion show, which opens Friday, June 24th at the Gowanus Ballroom. Read on:
The exhibition features emerging Brooklyn artists working in styles and techniques that recall religious and devotional art of the past. Installations including stained glass, modern reinventions of medieval retables and a cabinet of curiosities transform the nineteenth century steel mill through various representations of the sacred and profane.
Works including stained glass, paintings embellished with gilt adornment, modern reinventions of medieval retables, a cabinet of curiosities, and an enchanted grotto form an installation that explores themes of. Revisiting historic interpretations of divine presence through a contemporary lens allows artist and audience to reconsider what might at first glance appear mundane.
The exhibit will be open until July 3, with performance nights on June 24th & 25th, and July 1st & 2nd.
Artists include Abby Hertz, Adrian Landon, Aimee Lutkin, Amy Consolo, Andrea Biagioni, Andy Smenos, Cristina Rose, Daniel K. Brown, David Aronson, Derek Gregory, Diane Roehm, Eric Gerhard Winzer, Erin Ikeler, Jason Gandy, Jennie Booth, Jenni Crain, Jessica Siemens, Joel Dugan, Johann Nortje, Julie Janicek, Konstantin Sergeyev, Leonidas Chalepas, Maria Berrio, Matt Allison, Matthew James, Matthew Pisacano, Matthew William Robinson, Matthew Shelley, Michael Solomon, Naho Taruishi, Nancy Nicholson, The Objectionists, Patricia Kelly, Peter Waite, Robert F. Rodriguez, Serra Victory Bothwell Fels, Sheena Rae Dowling, and a growing list of others. Performances include Adrianna Mateo, Apocalypse Five and Dime, Crooks and Perverts, Jason Novak, Lady C and Chris Flambeaux, Les Bicyclettes Blanches, Morgan O’Kane, Sullied Accolades, Sleepy Feet, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, Toy Soldiers, Yula and the Extended Family, and many others.

55 9th Street

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