Friday, June 17, 2011

A Whole Lot Of Bees And Commotion On Douglass Street

photo credit: Stephen N.

Who knew bees could cause such a commotion involving the NYPD as well as the NYFD.
The photos above were taken on Wednesday evening on Douglass Street by reader Stephen N.
He writes:
[Wednesday] around 6 pm, a swarm of bees had gathered on a tree branch. The police and fire department were on hand, as well as a beekeeper.

To give you an idea of the size, the branch was about 2 inches in diameter, but the bees appeared packed to 10 - 12 inches around it.

The beekeeper carefully sawed the branch off, and was told he would put it in a box and take it with him to place in an apiary.
That is amazing. Hopefully the beekeeper was able to keep the hive intact. Over the last few years, bees have been dying off. Scientists have not yet figured out what the cause is.

Thanks for sharing the photos, Stephen.


Anonymous said...

I grew up on this street. I love your blog. It is a piece of home I never get to see. Thank you.

Aggie said...

Glad to read that the bees were saved. We need bees to pollinate pants. I just read that most of our food crops depend on bee pollination. In parts of China people are now hand-pollinating trees because there are no bees - viruses, pesticides, stress are killing them off. Here is a disturbing Newsweek article: