Saturday, August 27, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: Hurricane Or Not, Cravings For Fresh Peaches

Jackie has left the following comment on the post "The Calm Before Irene":

"Got the last weather radio at Radio Shack and some of the last candles at Jack's. Court Street stores took care of the rest.Will manage without the subway just like I do every weekend. Workweek is another story but a few inches of rain messes up the F train and don't expect to be in the city until at least Tues/Wed. They're storing some of the trains in tunnels and not sure what the impact will be if the tunnels flood.Haven't been in a hurricane before but have been through dangerous earthquakes and storms that seriously damaged buildings and infrastructure and am taking this seriously without panicking. Thought was all stocked up but have an immense craving for fresh peaches and heading out now..."

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