Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post-Irene: How Are You Getting To Work Tomorrow?


UPDATE: According to the MTA web site: "With very limited exceptions, service has resumed across the subway system on all lines. However, service will be less frequent than normal, and customers should expect longer waits and more crowded trains. Frequency of service will improve over the course of the day."'

Also Sanitation is picking up garbage and recyclables. I just chased them down the block with my paper recycling can. I hadn't put it out last night since I thought that they would only pick up garbage.

So, no subways and only a few buses will be running on Monday morning.
Do you have any idea how you will be getting to work tomorrow? For those who don't have an understanding boss or don't have the luxury of taking the day off, how about organizing cab or car service sharing?
Want to meet up on Smith or Court Street with other commuters? Leave a comment and start talking amongst yourselves either on this post or on PMFA's Facebook page.

Thought this could take the stress out of a stressful Monday morning commute and would give neighbors an opportunity to meet.


Anonymous said...

I plan to walk from Kensington to Carroll Park. I don't think I will be on time but I will be there to see all of my little friends. Kathleen

Katia said...

Wow, that is quite the walk. You are a dedicated person, Kathleen.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want to share a ride into Manhattan to 116th Street/Columbia U area from Carroll Gardens at about 7 AM?

Anonymous said...

Is there a place one can check to see where the buses and trains are running. Is there anything for returning travelers from Amtrak or Metro North? Or should travelers try to reschedule and not make a return trip today?

Anonymous said...

You can get transit updates 24/7 on