Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update On Gowanus Canal: After High Tide, Water Receding

Just took another walk down to the Gowanus Canal and found quite a few people on the Carroll Street Bridge on this Sunday after the storm.
The water level had gone down since the high tide mark at 8 AM. The owner of The Yard at Carroll on the Canal is checking out the situation. Earlier, his property had been flooded.
Some traces of the flooding are still visible between the trees on the property
The residents of the Satori, the condo building on Bond between Carroll and President obviously took precautions, piling sandbags against the building's front door.
Hope this was enough to prevent flooding in the building.
And last, but not least, as predicted, raw sewage is flooding
into the Gowanus Canal from the sewer overflow pipes.
Pretty disgusting, right?
I wonder how much was dumped into the canal during Irene.

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