Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Comment Of The Day: 10 Minutes In A Bouncy Castle

Anonymous has the following new comment on the post "Enough With the Filming! Some Carroll Gardeners Sick Of Being Inconvenienced":

I am less irritated with the filming than I am with the blocked off blocks for "block parties." Traffic comes to a standstill so 5 kids can have 10 minutes in a bouncy castle.


Michael Brown said...

This is a horrible comment! Unfriendly, un-Brooklyn, un-neighborly.

Why does it deserve top billing?

Katia said...

Actually, it never occurred to me that people would object to a block party, but I suppose that it relates to the discussion on the community's response to filming in the neighborhood.
Maybe people are just angry in general about losing parking spots, whether it be for filming, construction or block parties. I gave the comment top billing because I was interested to find out if that may be the case.
By the way, there is more discussion on that subject over on Brownstoner today.