Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bino On Smith Seized By NYS Dept. Of Taxation

Wow! It sure doesn't look good for Bino, the trendy Italian eatery at 276 Smith Street. It would appear that the owners, Sarah & Jonathan Casteel, have run into a bit of a problem with the New York State Department Of Taxation And Finance. The establishment has been seized for 'non-payment of taxes' and stickers in the window warn that "any person who attempst to tamper or interfere with this property will be prosecuted to the full extend of the law."
Damn. And here I thought those orange fliers announced some cool Halloween event.

Does anyone have more info?


Laura Hadden said...

Is it Bino itself or their landlords? So sad - I love Bino!

Katia said...

The stickers were posted in the window and the door of the restaurant. I didn't notice one on the front door of the building, but you are right. It could be the landlord.

fred said...

This is sad. I love this restaurant too
They have another location in Manhattan, right?

Who Moved my Birkin said...

did you see that Broken English has the same stickers in their window

Katia said...

Wow, didn't that just open a few months ago? Will walk by tomorrow to check it out. Thanks for telling me.

Anonymous said...

We at The Green Onion are very upset and sadden about what happened to Bino. No they do not own the building and no it is not the Land Lords issue. Being a small business owner is very difficult in this tough Economic Climate and no one really knows exactly why Bino is in this unfortunate position. Instead of wondering what happened to Bino please continue to support your local business and keep in mind that most small businesses are experiencing the pinch in all directions. Mayor Bloomberg is ruining this city in my opinion.