Monday, October 10, 2011

Ditching Brooklyn For The Mountains, But Just For A Day

Wasn't it a lovely week-end?  On Saturday, the family and I ditched Brooklyn for a day of nature and hiking. We headed North along the Hudson, to Bear Mountain National Park, grabbed our back-packs and headed along the trail towards Bald Mountain.  The climb was certainly not a difficult one, but the trails were rather badly eroded, so that most of the time, one had to carefully step over rocks and exposed roots.  More than once, I lost my footing and thought I would lose my footing. However, once at the top, the views are spectacular.  We stopped to have a pick-nick before heading back down.
Dipping sore feet in the glacial waters of a stream helped a bit, once we got back down the mountain, but I won't muscles ached.
Glad to be back in Brooklyn in one piece.

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