Monday, October 03, 2011

Old Faan Space Getting A Spruce Up


Back in May,  Faan, the Asian-Fusion restaurant at 209 Smith Street, closed its doors suddenly.  It had been operating at that location for more than 10 years.  All through the summer, the place was padlocked, but  recently, someone has been sprucing the place up.  Construction paper has been taped over the inside doors,  lights in the glassed-in patio area have gotten new lampshades, and the ironwork has been getting a fresh coat of paint.
It remains to be seen if the restaurant will come back as a new and improved Faan, or if this will be an entirely different eatery.  That seems more likely.  Part of the remodel includes some heavy molding, which doesn't look very Asian at all.


Anonymous said...

This building is completely illegal / exceeds allowable FAR and the atrium space is not included in the DOB plans. I hope there's never a fire here as the egress is probably non-compliant. In addition, a permit from the MTA is required to build on Smith St. unless you set back the building / create a sidewalk plaza.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Bar Below was awsome!