Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And Here They Are! First Live Christmas Trees Appear In Carroll Gardens

...just in time for Thanksgiving week-end!  Triunfel Grocery on Court Street appears to be the first place in the neighborhood to offer freshly-cut Christmas trees.  A bit too early for me, but I know that many of you will start decorating this coming week-end. (I know that my friend Dolores already put hers up....)
Personally, I'm not quite ready for Christmas yet, but the sight of the trees put me in a festive mood.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel that the rush to Christmas started just a wee bit too early this year?? I love the holiday and decorating the house, etc., but it seems like Thanksgiving is getting lost in the premature hoop-la. (In the interests of full disclosure, I purchased one of the potted dwarf alberta spruce trees from Triunfel on Saturday to replace the one at the top of my stoop that didn't survive the harsh weather we had this past year. It's a lovely plant, by the way.)

Katia said...

Premature hoop-la, indeed. I think I will wait till it is actually December before I start thinking of Christmas.
One holiday at a time, I say.