Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Artist Regina Perlin Capturing Carroll Street In Fall

It's always a pleasure running into local artist Regina Perlin on the streets of the neighborhood.  Normally, she can be found painting near the Gowanus Canal, her favorite subject, but a few days ago, I bumped into her on Carroll Street, right off Smith Street.  Regina was taking advantage of the unusually warm weather to paint outdoors, before being confined to her studio for the winter. 
If you would like to see more of her art, stop by Perfect Corner, the framing store at 345 Smith Street,  which displays and sells some of Perlin's other paintings.
Love her work. Nobody captures the beauty of the area better than she does.


Olly said...

She looks so happy. Nothing better for an artist like true inspiration - and being in the midst of fall colors and foliage must feel like heaven! Beautiful painting!

Anonymous said...

I love how her palette (where she mixes her paint) mirrors her painting.