Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just In: Reported Robbery Attempt At Smith Street Laundromat

Just received a report that there was an attempted robbery at Super Laundromat on Smith, between Carroll and Second Street.  The incident occurred at about 7 Pm.  Apparently, the robber tried to choke one of the women who work at the place.  Officers from the 76th Precinct are there right now interviewing her and her co-worker.  
No word yet if any arrests were made. 

*Thanks J. for alerting us to the incident.


Anonymous said...

One question: Who the heck tries to rob a laundromat?!?! Some stupid meth head? Aim higher, Ahab.

Anonymous said...

Let's not try to make assumptions about what kind of person the robber was. Do we have to call him a meth head? I am very sorry to hear about the incident, and that one of the women was choked. I am put off by the "aim higher, Ahab" response, though. It would be awful to occur anywhere.

Anonymous said...

wow... earlier a stabbing in middle of ther afternoon in the street by the deli next door (remember "the wise guys no one is guilty" stabbing), now a robbery at 7pm...

oh well some will say it is Brooklyn, but I disagree, recent years have been quite

Anonymous said...

Guys relax this happens everywhere. Go down to paradise ( Miami) , it's number #3 on the most violent places to live in the USA.
How about South Carolina ? charleston and many other areas are crime ridden. Charlotte North Carolina anyone?
95% of America is filled with low end people and tons of crime.
We are the luckiest of the states to have the Intelligent men and Women of the NYPD watching our backs everyday of our lives. With the lowest crime rates of any big city in America.
If anyone is worried they should spend a week in Memphis Tennessee or try out West palm beach Florida.