Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'The Brooklyn Strategist' Coming To Court Street

Well, that did not take long.  Just a week ago, Peek-A-Boo Kids shoe store closed its doors at 333 Court Street and already, the new tenant is ready to move in.  
Apparently, The Brooklyn Stategist, a "community-based, interactive board- and card-game center, café and social club" has previously been located on Atlantic Avenue.  The center has a vast selection of different board and card games.  Genres include party games, historical games, mystery games and word games geared towards anyone over 7 years of age.  According to their web site, there are no computer or digital games of any kind.
Brooklyn Strategist will be hosting after-school clubs for all age groups.  Light refreshments and snacks for local sustainable farms will be available.
Check out the center's web site and the January calendar here.  To join a meet-up group, go here.


R.Robot said...

That was really the worst awning design ever. It always looked like some sort of adult store (pink on black; peek-a-boo).

Katia said...

Haha, you are right. Well, I guess it will be painted over now or come down altogether.

Anonymous said...

I spent hundred of dollars in the shoe store. The owners and staff were rude and not very helpful.
My daughters have been to the Brooklyn strategist on atlantic ave and the owner and place is wonderful. what a great addition to our area.

mordicai said...

Heck yeah that is fantastic news!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, are the light refreshments and snacks for local sustainable farms or from local sustainable farms? I would like a snack but I'm not a farmer.