Friday, December 16, 2011

The Leaning House On Third Street In Gowanus

Number 123 Third Street, the three-story house between Bond Street and the Gowanus Canal, has needed some love for  a long time now.  It always seemed out of plum and leaning towards its neighbor at 125 Third Street, but in the last few years, the entire building is separating from its neighbor at number 121, and  leaning precariously towards number 125.
The NYC Department of Buildings has issued multiple violations and hefty fined for "failure to maintain" the building, but so far, nothing has been done to remedy the situation.
Public Records show that the house was sold in 2005 for $505,000.  In April 2010, the property was foreclosed on, and a deed for $1,068,821 was transferred to US Bank National Association.
By November 2010, it was listed by Tom Marco Real Estate for $449,900. The description for the property read: 
"Charming 3 family walk-up being sold in as-is condition, featuring 12 rooms, 6 bdrms, 3 bathrooms. Close to shopping and transportation. No representation,no offers will be considered for first 7 listed days. Days 8-12 seller will consider offers from nsp buyers, municipalities, non profit organizations and owner-occupants."
The listing has been removed. and the house still belongs to U.S. Bank National Associates.
Obviously, the bank is in no hurry to remedy the situation.


J. Alexiou said...

I used to see over the backyard of this house (I lived around the corner for five years). A few summers ago there was a young woman there with a toddler. She and her friends used to smoke weed in the backyard a lot. One day she yelled up to my window and asked me if I knew any loan sharks.

It was because, she told me, she had to pay back the first loan shark she went to.

Katia said...

Well, I guess she is gone now. The place looks empty and there is a big chain on the front door.

Anonymous said...

Wish they would take the siding off. That's what is probably giving the illusion of leaning.

Anonymous said...

half a million can get you something really nice somewheres else