Thursday, December 01, 2011

'Peek A Boo Kids' On Court Street To Close

Peek A Boo Kids at 333 Court Street, between Union and Sackett Street, will be closing shortly.  The store is currently holding a clearance sale. 
I am certain it will be missed by many parents here in the neighborhood as it was the only children's shoe store which offered a larger selection. With so many kiddies in Carroll Gardens and surrounding neighborhood, one would think that there is a real need for such a store.
Speaking of children's shoe stores, does anyone remember Johnny's Bootery on Smith Street?  Johnny's has been gone for a while now, but the awning is still visible at 208 Smith Street.
I think both of my kids were fitted for their first pair of shoes there.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember Johnnie's Bootery very well. My mother purchased all my shoes there (1950s-60s)...Mary Janes, boots, sandals. My favorites were sneakers called "P.F. Flyers," which could make you run faster than "Keds!"

Anonymous said...

I think many of our kids were fitted for their 1st pair of shoes at Johnnie's. My daughter liked that store better than any toy store! Kathleen

Anonymous said...

My kids were also fitted for their first pair of shoes at Johnnie's. They knew their stuff. Most of my kids' shoes and winter boots were purchased there up until they closed. I think they own the building. I remember being in there right before they closed and they were adamant that the space would not be used for a restaurant.