Tuesday, January 31, 2012

340 Court Street Construction Project: A Community Update From Alchemy

Construction of the 7 story, 32 unit condominium building at 340 Court Street has been progressing swiftly in the last few months. The steel frame has been completed and a new phase of construction is about to begin.  In addition, excavation of the town homes on Sackett Street will commence soon.
Below is a community update on the 340 Court Street construction site from Joel Breitkopf of development firm Alchemy Properties Inc.   According to Breitkopf:
"We are placing concrete floors 7 and 8 and stairwells of condo building. There will be a pedestrian walkway change on Court and Union streets as we will be placing concrete and back filling for temporary sidewalk and hoist on Court and Union Streets. We will be commencing the hoist installation along Court Street. Finally, excavation will start for the Sackett Street Townhomes. Trucking and soil removal via the Sackett and Union Street gates."


Anonymous said...

I hate this hulk.

landlord said...

i love it!

vintagejames said...

If it is a 7 story building, why are they "placing concrete floors 7 and 8"?

Katia said...

Hmmm. Good point. But I count 7 floors on the photos.

concetta said...

vintagejames, they need an extra floor to house the wonderful a/c unit condensors!