Friday, February 17, 2012

76th Police Precinct Has Some Good Advice For Bicyclists

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In their just-published February Community Letter, NYC Police 76th Precinct included some good advise for bicyclists on how to avoid accidents and theft.
Read one:

Springtime will shortly be upon us and with it will be an increase in bicycle usage. With increased bicycle usage inevitably comes an increase in bicycle theft. In an attempt to deter theft members of the 76th Precinct always patrol with a watchful eye for individuals that are known to steal bicycles. It is often apparent to us that some individuals are in possession of bicycles that were stolen. In those instances, we closely review reports in an attempt to identify the owner. Despite our best efforts, we are often unable to determine the rightful owner. Help us reduce bicycle theft and give us a chance to get your bicycle back to you if it is stolen, by registering your bicycle with us. Stop in the 76th Precinct and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer who will register it for you. You can call the 76th Precinct Crime Prevention Office at (718) 834-3203 and schedule an appointment to have it done. We always have a Crime Prevention Table at the local street fairs and the officers there will be happy to register your bike.
Required Equipment: Between DUSK and DAWN, bicycles must have a WHITE head light and RED taillight. At all times, bike must have reflectors, working brakes, and a bell.
Children and Bikes: Children under age 14 must wear a helmet. Children 12 and under may ride a bike on the sidewalk. 

Some Hazardous Violations: Disobeying traffic signals or signs. Riding in the wrong direction against traffic and riding on the sidewalk. Cyclists may not wear more than one earphone attached to an audio device while riding.
Commercial Bicycles: Utilizing a bike for business; the company must be identified on the bike by name & identification number. The operator must wear upper-body apparel with the business’s name & operator’s number on the back. The operator shall wear a helmet provided by the business. Motor- assisted bikes are not permitted. The bike operator must carry & produce, on demand, a numbered ID card with the operator’s photo, name, home address and the business’s name, address and phone number.

Bike Security: When leaving a bike unattended in public, the bike should be securely chained to a bike rack. Do not chain a bike to a parking meter.


Will K said...

I have found that the most effective way to combat bike theft is not to leave my bike outside - one of the major reasons I decided to purchase a folding bike a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

good luck people.

Anonymous said...

Surprised to see the rule that "motor-assisted bikes are not permitted" for businesses. Seems like the past year has brought an ever-increasing number of delivery guys on electric bikes flouting the laws at an ever-increasing speed. Myself and my dog were nearly murdered yesterday by an out-of-control Chinese food delivery guy doing a poorly controled 30mph on the sidewalk the wrong way down 1st place yesterday.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm pro bike and pro Chinese food delivery, but these electric bikes are death on wheels. The police should do a weeklong blitz on these guys to get the word out that what they're doing is dangerous and illegal.

Anonymous said...

If you ride a bike in NYC you WILL get hit..Bottom line. And now if you walk in NYC you will get hit by one of these bikers. They don't stop at lights and they ride on the sidewalk..
BIkes are nothing but trouble in NY.

Anonymous said...

I think it's insane to ride a bike in NYC. And I am from the Netherlands - a biking country. NYC is not set up for it, and never will be, safely.

Tired of BAD Bikers said...

I love Bike Riding - but (as others have noted) Bike Riding & NYC does NOT go hand in hand.

Yes, if you ride a bike in NYC you will probaly be hit - and 85% of the time it will be the Bike Riders Fault.

And - if you ride a bike in NYC - you WILL hit a "walker" and 95% of the time it will be your fault.
Please STOP at the stop signs, Stop at the Red Lights, ride in the direction of traffic, stay close to your kids. And again -
Stop for Red Lights & Stop signs. It's my turn to cross when I have the Green Light and you have a red one. Sooner or later WE "walkers" will start pushing you over if you keep coming right at us or our kids.