Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After 34 Years On Court Street, Belanthi Gallery Closes

Another longtime Court Street fixture just closed its doors. Belanthi, a gallery that exhibited art in all styles and media, first opened its doors at 142 Court Street, corner of Pacific Street, back in 1978. It's owner, Paulette Hios, gave piano, voice and music theory classes out of the space for just as long.

The space, which is on the same block as Trader Joe's, is now for rent by Schuckman Realty, "a strategic planner of retail stores and shopping centers" that has "has been responsible for millions of square feet of leasing and development; and has been hired by numerous national retail chains to facilitate market penetration."
No doubt, that means that the next tenant will be a chain store.

Meanwhile, the storefront at 140 Court Street just next door, has been sitting empty for a very long time.

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Anonymous said...

That's too bad. Another mainstay of the neighborhood bites the dust. Did the owner retire or was it another astronomical rent issue? I would have thought that since Belanthi had been there for so many years that the building would have belonged to them, but apparently not.

Katia said...

I am not quite sure. I just walked by today and noticed the big signs. They could not have been there very one as I walked past there late last week and did not see them then.
Does atone know what happened?

Anonymous said...

she does own the building. hope her health is fine. paulette is wonderful person who grew up in the neighborhood also.

Anonymous said...

My spouse was represented by Belanthi for a number of years. She was recently told that the owner had gone into hospice care. Her husband, Jim, died a decade ago.

Katia said...

That is so sad. Thank you for updating us, Anon.

Ellin said...

Paulette died on January 22 of this year. She was a wonderful person and musician and teacher. I'm glad for the opportunity to honor her here.

peggy said...

Paulette was my piano teacher for almost a deacade. She enriched my life in so many ways. She was a warm and loving person and a brilliant musician. I was so lucky to have known her and will miss her terribly.

Anonymous said...

James Gerard DeMartini, himself a fine artist and well-known musician, and Paulette Hios, a concertizing pianist and Director of Sts. Constantine and Helen Church, performed a decades-long service in opening a first class gallery in Brooklyn. It was home not only of a group of fine modern artists, but of a poetry reading series hosted by James's son, and many piano recitals. James passed away eleven years ago, and now Paulette. They and their gallery will be sorely missed.

Art M

Tracey said...

Paulette was my cousin and she loved her gallery as well as teaching piano. It is so nice to read that you all felt about Paulette the way did. She was a very loving and strong woman. I never saw anyone prepare themselves for death with such grace. Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts of Paulette.

cathartic artist said...

I am speechless.
Paulette & I had a very intense love affair . . . twice. The first time was in the late 70s when she opened Belanthi. The 2nd time was in the 90s.
We made music together and I exhibited my art in the gallery. She was a major love in my life. I was living in Italy these past 2+ years and just got back. Today, I walked my well remembered walk up Pacific to Court Street and was SHOCKED by what I found. I ran inside, frantic to find her. The first floor was gutted. I ran home & emailed her - ERROR. I Googled her and discovered the worst. My heart hurts - I didn't get to see her one more time before she left. I thought she would always be there . . .