Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Comment Of The Day: Lets Get Together To Help A Great Organization

Matt Mazzone has left the following comment on the post "Much Happening At Brooklyn Workshop Gallery On Hoyt Street": 
Katia,That was a really nice piece you wrote for the BWG. Martine and her organization have been HUGE supporters of the arts and have been extremely generous with their time in the community. For the past several years they have donated their time and materials to face paint thousands of children during the annual pumpkinfest which we host.
Since I spoke with Martine last I'm not sure where the negotiations stand with the owner of the lot next door, but I think it would be great for the community if Martine was able to make a deal with them. I'm familiar with what the landlord is asking for rent as well as what Martine can afford. I would love to see Martine get some support from local businesses to help make up the difference. I have already informed Martine that we would be willing to make a donation every month to help offset the rent of the open lot, maybe we can help her get a few more businesses to do the same!! Maybe someone has other ideas for how they can raise money? In any case, I think it's important that we get together and try to help this great organization.
Thank you,Matt Mazzone

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