Monday, February 13, 2012

Quirks And All...339 Union Street Renovation Almost Complete


Work on the brick townhouse at 339 Union Street has been going on for the last few years now. Original plans for an interior renovation of the four family, four story building were first filed with NYC Department Of Buildings back in 2009 by Adam Aaron Architect, PC., of Avenue T in Brooklyn. Interior demolition started soon afterwards, but the site was hit with a Stop Work Order in 2010. Apparently, the work did not conform to the approved permit and did not include the horizontal extension that was being built onto the rear of the structure.
By early 2011, amended plans had been filed and construction resumed. A few week sago, the plywood fence surrounding the site has been removed, revealing some real quirks. Obviously, esthetics weren't high on the list of priorities. Just take a look at the new parlor floor windows. Or how about the new front door that isn't even centered in the opening?
One wonders what the inside looks like.

The building belongs Arthur Haruvi of Simry Realty. (Read more about Haruvi here)
No word yet on if the four units will be offered s rentals or condos.

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Anonymous said...

The window flashing is appalling. What is the problem??That door may still be being hung so let's hope they are not done yet centering it.
Walk around to the other side and you can see the back facade work. Oh well.