Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Arthur" On Smith Getting Finishing Touches Before Opening


By the look of it, Chef Joe Isidori's new Smith Street eatery, ARTHUR,  is getting closer to opening time.
The storefront of 276 Smith Street has received a fresh coat of paint, a new sign has been hung above the door, new benches and planters have been placed on either side of the entrance.  Even the inside looks as though it is ready for the final touches.
Arthur's website indicates that the "seasonal American Restaurant with Italian influences" is slated for a March opening, but the person answering a call placed to the number on the site told me that "the team is still working really hard and is trying to fit all the pieces together."
He added:"We are still hoping to open at the end of the month."
A sign in the window states that : "We are excited to make Smith Street and this neighborhood our home, many of us live here, all of us will work here."

Previously, 276 Smith Street was the home of Bino.

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Anonymous said...

really nice renovation and signage. welcome to the neighborhood!