Friday, March 23, 2012

Mediterranean Eatery 'Palmyra' On Court Street Seems To Be Closed

One of my readers mentioned that Palmyra, the Mediterranean eatery at 316 Court Street, seems to be closed. I made a point of walking by today, and sure enough, the windows have been covered with paper.

There is no note indicating a reason, but two permits from New York City"s Department of Buildings have been taped up. One is for an "interior renovation of the existing commercial space for eating and drinking establishment" and one to "install kitchen fire suppression system."
No indication whether Palmyra will re-open or will be replaced by a new eatery.

Previously, 316 Court Street was home to Olive Vine Café, another Middle Eastern restaurant. The owner got himself into a spot of trouble with the State Department Of Labor in 2009 for underpaying his employees at a sister restaurant in Park Slope by as much as 200,000.
Shortly afterwards, the Court Street Olive Vine location was closed and replaced by Palmyra.
Gong back even further, the retail space was home to a tailor.

Does anyone have any info about the closing?

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!

I personally hope it's not closed permanently. Palmyra is delicious and inexpensive.

Looking at their health inspection grade, there's an ambiguous item about plumbing not being to code. Maybe they are simultaneously fixing that, upgrading their sprinklers and doing a facelift. That's a good scenario.

R.Robot said...

I'll echo the "oh no". They have been our go-to place for take-out for a while. I can't go back to Zaytoons.

Barbara said...

The owner sold and moved to Williamsburg. The buyer has said he'll make it more lounge-like (I've heard second hand ...)

Anonymous said...

Katia said...

Cool. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

Thank you for the comments about Palmyra.

We are working on bringing you a new Middle Eastern restaurant that has similar food but a wider variety than Palmyra.

Our menu includes daily home made dishes which are not usually served in restaurants, since they take 3+ hours to cook.

Prices will be very reasonable and we will be serving beer and wine once we get the license.

We are hoping to be up and running sometime in April. Hope to see you all there.

Like us on Facebook for more information:

Katia said...

Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to trying the food.

Levant Brooklyn said...

I forgot to mention that the restaurants name will be Levant.

Anonymous said...
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Levant Brooklyn said...

I am not sure about the accuracy of the above statement, but please note that we are new owners and have no relation to the man that use to own Olive Vine or Palmyra.

Thank you,

Sara and Zeid