Thursday, March 08, 2012

Playing Hooky In Red Hook! Hey, It's 70 Degrees Outside...

Wanting to take full advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday, I closed my computer, grabbed my camera and headed over to Red Hook.  Quite a few others obviously had the same idea and were reading, sunbathing, flying kites and just enjoying the peaceful waterfront.
I am trying to justify doing the same again today...

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Anonymous said...

I was cooped all day so really appreciate your sharing your walk with us. Spring has sprung! Hooray hooray!

Anonymous said...

While the weather is a joy for the moment, it is terrify to me for my grandchildren. Why do we not hear more of "what does this mean for our future, for plants, animals, insects, for us?" Why do tv station weather reports never make negative statements about what all of this means? A record snowfall in October, one of the warmest winters on record. Birds arriving without the right plants in bloom (bloomed a month ago), insects unable to pollinate plants at the right time. Look at your seed pack. The planting schedule has changed. How about 70 tornados in a couple of days--more than ever happened in the whole month of March in the past. Where are we going? What is each of us doing to alleviate this problem?
diane buxbaum, Carroll Gardens

Anonymous said...

We really are lucky we can take a walk this lovely where we live.
to Diane B. - any suggestions to alleviating the problem you described? Most of us in Bklyn don't have cars - many of us shop local (less fuel discharge). I walk everywhere.

Anna said...

Ms. B., You bring up so much information about climate change turning this into serious discussion. When you ask what each of us is doing about it - are you referring to the greenhouse effect? Our consumption of fossil fuels? Which we do in myriad ways to survive - transportation of ourselves, the foods we eat, the goods we use, creating energy for our daily use, the computers, the lighting, the heating and cooling, our industries - etc. etc. Yes, we are an earth out of balance, and nature feels it, and we, being part of nature, feel it, and will feel more of the difficult consequences of human action on this precious planet. Bees, for example, are disappearing. Without bees, no pollination - that's basic to food! I saw a show where Chinese were hand pollinating. I guess first and foremost is for us to get informed, and then to make our choices wisely where we can. This in itself is not easy. The powers that be that are making all the money from status quo put a lot of information out there to make us feel that the world is alright, that we are safe in their hands. Exxon, Monsanto, etc. etc. You are definitely right to bring our attention to future generations - it would be a good idea of us to be mindful, to take some responsibility. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love this...
Hi Katia,
I'm always amazed that you take pictures of exactly the same stuff I do. Maryann tells me this too, and I see it. Like the anchors on the garbage surround...I thought that was such a fun thing for an area surrounded by water and shipping. N