Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Bike Smith" Coming To Smith Street

In the last week, the storefront at 149 Smith Street, at the corner of Bergen Street, got a makeover with a coat of fresh paint.  I stopped by to talk to the workers, who told me that a new bike store, appropriately called "Bike Smith",  will be coming to that location soon. Besides bikes, it will offer repair service and eventually rentals.
One of the workers explained that this will be a sister store to one on Vanderbilt Avenue. Perhaps its Brooklyn Bike An Board in Prospect Heights?

Until last year, this location was home to Smith Organic Market

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R.Bike.Robot said...

Wowza! As much as I like the guys around the corner on Atlantic, a little variety is good. That location will be pretty awesome for them.

Katia said...

I know, right? The skate boarding place is two doors down and Van Leeuven and Hanco are just around the corner...plus a bike lane passing by the store.

Anonymous said...

The Bike Shop was chased off Smith St years ago to Union
and Columbia. Now they are down Court near Frankie's.
Also all u bike fans check out that cool bike restoration place on 3rd Ave near Union across from Two Toms. Hipster enclave Little Neck is a few doors down. Too bad NYC drivers refuse to accept sharing the road w cyclists.

Anonymous said...

skateboard place is moving to close by location

Anonymous said...

Bike Smith, not "Smith Bike," does in fact share owners with Brooklyn Bike and Board. The same people are also behind Clinton Hill Design Build in Prospect Heights.