Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Walking Tour Of The Gowanus Canal With EPA 'TASC' Technical Advisors


Given the complexity of the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site and the level of contamination found in the former industrial waterway, the Environmental Protection Agency's Community Advisory Group (CAG) for the canal recently requested Technical Assistance Services through the EPA's TASC program, which provides independent educational and technical assistance to communities dealing with environmental problems.

In response, the EPA has made available the services of two Technical Advisors from SKEO Solutions, a company based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  SKEO will be represented by Kirby Webster, a biologist, and Terrie Boguski, an engineer.  Yesterday morning, they joined Natalie Loney, EPA Region 2 Community Involvement Coordinator for the Gowanus Canal Superfund, and some members of the CAG's Water Quality/Technical Committees on a tour of the Gowanus Canal.  The purpose of the tour was to familiarize the Technical Advisors with the canal and issues that are of special concern to the CAG.  Starting at the Flushing Tunnel on Butler Street, the group made its way over the Union Street Bridge, along Nevins to the Carroll Street Bridge, then along Bond Street, over to the 3rd Avenue Bridge, to 6th Street and ending up on 9th Street along the Canal.

As per the CAG, the Technical Assistance support is needed to provide technical document review and interpretation to the CAG on the following issues:
An examination of solutions to CERCLA toxins from CSOs.
Hydrogeology and contaminated sediment interaction
Ecological review of impacts, risks, habitat assessment.

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Anonymous said...

I am curious why they don't fill in some of the canal after the cleanup? It doesn't seem to be used much for industrial purposes much past the 9th street bridge, is it?

Anonymous said...

Love that picture on the Carrol Bridge with Figliolia Water and Sewer sign at the top and the sewer outlet at the bottom.