Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Comment Of The Day: As For A Dog Run...

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "More Problems With Dogs In Carroll Park?": 
"Alot of dogowners are oblivous to their dogs and surroundings. I am a dog owner (a small one) and I will approach people who are ignoring the rules, be it in the park or outside the park. I have many times called people out on their 'shit' and had them clean up the mess. 
I am astounded by the disrespect of some dogowners. Not all dogowners are irresponsible, but there are many who are.  I make sure my dog is done with her business, she goes in the curb, I pickup and even clean up with wipes just in case. I am not suggesting everyone to go after these careless owners, especially if they have a large aggressive looking dog...but I do think that for the most part, by approaching and asking them to clean up as this is their community too, it may make a small difference and create more awareness on their part.
As for a dog run,go to your local council person and start there in trying to see if the city would assist, but you need petitions and persistance to make the impact. Otherwise it will always be wishful thinking."

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leo said...

what a wuss not to talk to owners of big, aggresive dogs. their messes are bigger!

Anonymous said...

Leo,some of my neighbors from the blocks have had their dogs viciously attacked by large aggressive dogs who's owners were careless in their dogs training in the last couple of years. simply walking their dog,one was attacked . the owner of the dog that was attacked said that the other dog who was bigger, seemed fine as it walked until it passed her dog. ps her dog had sustained serious injury and many stitches. this was about three years ago.
I dont think it is fair of you to say that...whatever.

Anonymous said...

My dog and I just moved to the neighborhood. I love it here but am astounded by how much more dog poop there is around. Who are these people that don't pick up after their dogs?

Anonymous said...

true, lots of dog poop around the park. And on another dog related note: up until a couple of weeks ago, when I used to walk by the park heading east toward the subway stop, chances were I'd always see and hear a dog barking up a tree. This would be around 9am. Why the owner thought it was ok for the dog to bark incessantly at a squirrel in the morning--I'll never know, but am so thankful I no longer have to listen to it.