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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dreaming Big: Community Envisions A True " Public Place" In Carroll Gardens

Public Place in Carroll Gardens
Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 9.21.52 AM
A view of Public Place from 4th Place in the  1930's
What is your vision for Public Place, the six acre brownfield site which runs along the Gowanus Canal and Smith Street in Carroll Gardens? That was the question posed to participants of a Community Mural Making Workshop with Artist Triada Samaras, and Carroll Gardens CORD/Coalition for Respectful Development on Sunday Afternoon.
The free workshop event was part of the current Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space Exhibition at the Old Stone House.

Though our local elected Representatives envision a 774-unit, mixed-income, mixed-use residential development for Public Place after remediation, those in attendance yesterday envisioned a true public space
Fourteen-year-old Aather proudly showed of her brightly colored vision yesterday.
"I would like to see many flowers, a place for people to walk, a place for people to garden."

Rose and Charlotte held up their idea of what should be built on Public Place. "It's like a pool party. We made a huge community lake. It's where a lot of people are swimming together. It's free. People come around the world to see it. And it's good for the earth, instead of putting chlorine in it . But you want to war a bathing suit because its open to everyone. And frogs and toads come in."

Others dreamed of a library, a giant water fountain and green spaces. And lots of flowers and blue sky.
Perhaps they could teach City Planning a thing or two?


Triada said...

Lovely write up Katia; thank you!
We will be featuring an artwork a day from this workshop (with accompanying text) at our Facebook page starting tomorrow http://www.facebook.com/freepublicplace

Anonymous said...

Great job Triada!

Margaret said...

This community owes a great debt to Frank Verderame (RIP), who is responsible for having the site designated for the Public. This was before it was usurped in the land grab for residential development. There is a dearth of green space in Brooklyn. That's a fact. Frank Verderame was a visionary. He once showed me sketches he had commissioned for a baseball field that would be part of Public Place site. We should go back to the visions and intentions that Frank Verderame had. To honor him and what he wanted to contribute to the community. And we can include the lovely visions Triada's group had.