Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Levant: Introducing Court Street's Newest (Soon-To-Open) Middle Eastern Eatery

(food photographs courtesy of Levant)
For those of you who have been missing Palmyra, the Middle-Eastern eatery that closed just a few weeks ago at 316 Court Street, you won't have long to wait for more delicious foods like Kafta and Kebabs.
Levant, a new restaurant which will specializing in Middle Eastern Mazzeh, Grills and Manakeesh (a cross between pita and pizza) will hopefully be opening in its place by the end of the month.
A few days ago, I received the email below from its new owner Sara.
She writes:
"My name is Sara. My husband and I are the new owners of the 316 court st space (previously known as Palmyra).We are working hard on bringing a new flavor to the neighbourhood. This is our first restaurant to be open and we chose Carroll Gardens because we love it's charm.I just wanted to give you some insight about what we will be serving and the idea behind the restaurant.We are excited to have some Middle Eastern home cooking done right in Brooklyn. Our traditional food that we eat at home needs 3-4 hours to prepare it is called Tabeekh. At Levant, we will be offering a daily dish of Tabeekh (something different each day). We are will also be serving Manakeesh, which are a cross between pita and pizza, there are no places in NYC that make Mankeesh. We will have about 15 different kinds (some authentic and some americanized to suit everyones taste).
Our chef for brunch will be Bill Feldman from the popular show Chopped on the foodnetwork. We will be serving Pancakes, waffles, eggs all with a Middle Eastern twist.I am hoping that we will be open by the 20th of April.
Also on the menu are Arabic Burgers (ground beef with feta cheese), Lahmeh Sho-a (marinated meat cube skewers), Shish Tawook, marinated chicken skewers, various Batata, (potato) dishes, Sabanekh wa Gibneh, sauteed spinach with white Arabic cheese, and Lahmeh bi Ajin."
Can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

sounds absolutely delicious. welcome to the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Those look suspiciously like stock photos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the write up Katia. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone in the neighborhood.

When the restaurant is completely done, we will send more accurate photos of our dishes and space area.

Look out for our backyard this summer which will have wonderful chez lounges under a gazebo!

Anonymous said...

As of monday there was stop work order on the front door....doesn't look to be opening any time soon.

Anonymous said...

The middle eastern dishes sound delicious, and I cannot contain my excitement that a restaurant will be serving waffles. So few restaurants serve waffles!

Anonymous said...

We do not have a stop work order on our premises anymore. We have a work permit on our door outside.

This was an issue which was dealt with at the DOB and things are going smoothly.

Thank you for your concerns though

Anonymous said...

Well, congrats to the new owners. Congrats on alienating many of your soon-to-be neighbors by working until 9pm tonight (Wednesday April 12).

Here's the law, in case you were unaware of NYC DEP noise regulations: 7am until 6pm (http://www.nyc.gov/html/dob/html/about/faq1.shtml)

Also, welcome to the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post.

We had an emergency that needed to get sorted out tonight. We used some drills which is probably what you heard.

We will not be causing any noise or drilling anymore.