Wednesday, April 04, 2012

New Court Street Frozen Yogurt Store "16 Handles" Heard Carroll Gardeners Loud And Clear, Will Replace Sign For A More Tasteful One

(photo credit N. B.)
(photo credit: Simmi Degnemark)
This morning, I had a very nice conversation with Jon Lake, Vice President of Operations for 16 Handles, as a follow up to an email exchange that we had regarding the sign one of the company's franchisees had placed on the front of their brand new store at 349 Court Street.

Someone had forwarded my blogpost about the rather 'loud' sign and he read the comments left by members of the community. He responded by saying. "We too agree that this sign is not in keeping with the neighborhood vibe and feel. I would like to discuss potential signage options."

I thanked him for his very quick response. He assured me that the sign will be replaced by a more contextual, muted one. He will send over a photo of it as soon as he can and I will share it with everyone.
In the meantime, crews were removing the sign at 349 Court Street this morning.

I told Lake that his company's handling of the community's concerns was impressive. He responded that it is part of 16 Handles' philosophy. " We are human. We are not perfect, but we are always trying." Most importantly, he added: "We want to bring more smiles to the community."

16 Handles certainly made me smile...

As promised, Jon Lake just sent me a photo of a proposed sign for the store.  (See below)
"This sign could be mounted with the brick of the building as the backdrop. The sign would be simple white channel letters," he writes.

I think the sign is much better, especially if it is mounted directly to the brick and does not stick out as much.

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Anonymous said...


knithound brooklyn said...

Now I want to go buy a cone the minute they open. Good going, 16 Handles!

Katia said...

I'll go with you, Knithound.

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous!!!! Thanks Katia, you are the best!

Katia said...

Don't make me blush!

Anonymous said...

that's amazing and very sweet of them! cant wait for the store to open.

Anonymous said...

I sent them a letter before. The change is nice. The sign is still overwhelming but it's their logo. Will it glow?? But considering the unfortunate facades of the lawyers office,(very 80s) and the crazy stones of Marco Polo, nothing really is harmonious on that block. But, thank you 16 Handles for responding.

Anonymous said...

their response is definitely impressive & they have successfully entered the nabe w/ a more positive vibe attached. but let's be honest...that still is one ugly sign & it still looks like a mall storefront, just not quite as gawdy...but it is what it is. i hope they have good yogurt.

Anonymous said...

The newly proposed sign, though slightly improved, is still repulsive. Guess they don't get it. I'll buy my frozen treats elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

This place sells chemical filled, artificial yogurt anyway. I won't be trying it because of that. What Carroll Gardens needs is Culture Frozen Yogurt from 5th ave in Park Slope. The frozen yogurt there is INCREDIBLE. It's completely natural and tastes amazing. I never considered myself a frozen yogurt person (I prefer ice cream) but I can eat this yogurt everyday.

Also, I'm not affiliated with them, I'm just a huge fan who would love to have them here.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's sort of like all the other Tokyo-pop style yogurt signs. But it's their logo and as a brand they really can't change it. it will get dirty and muted in time. So it's all good. Better than before. Frozen stuff isn't my thing anyway, so, good luck to them. I hope they recycle and maintain a clean trash situation. no bags leaking sticky mess all over. :)

C.G. since before St. Agnes said...

IF the building wasn't land-marked I don't see a porblem with EITHER version of the sign; no matter how Mall-ish it may be.

While it was great that that VP of Operations took the "Squeeking Wheels" issues to heart, I think this 'break through' will set a bad precident.

Will the Mom's who loudly state that all Brooklyn Ice Cream Trucks must be banished because (and I kid you not) they "don't like the idea of having to tell their children 'NO' when they ask for ice cream" be next to win?

What about Dan Squadron? Will he get Macy's to move thier fireworks show because it's no fair that "his side of Brooklyn" can't see them as well as others?

Let's take a deep breath before we leap, people. Otherwise, before we know it: MACY's will no longer pay for ANY fireworks,
Sitting on a stoop with some Mr. Softee will be history, and
NEW businesses will NO LONGER open shops in our depressed area.

Anonymous said...

Depressed area? Are you joking?
I don't know anyone who would consider Carroll Gardens 'depressed.'
Businesses are willing to pay insane prices to be here.
A frozen yogurt place so close to PS 58 and Carroll Park, on Court Street will do very, very well.
But if Monteleone's can put up a nice sign to reflect the character of this brownstone neighborhood, why not 16 Handles?

CG before St. Agnes said...

Hello anon 1:11
When there's an average of 2 stores per block empty for 2 years on average each, then yes - the area can be considered Commercially Depressed.

I'm not saying that the stores who CAN afford to be in business aren't making money - but you'll notice all the NEW businesses are Chain or Franchise. They're the only ones who have the $$ to pay "Insane Prices"

My point was if we start telling these NEW (non-independent) shops how they SHOULD put up signs because, well - Just because we don't like them (or else we'll boycott) you'll see these strofronts stay empty longer.

Would you rather see Borded Over windows or a "Too Colorful Sign"?

Anonymous said...

Okay I need to respond - I really can't believe all of you people feel that a sign on a business is a neighborhood issue. If it's not a sign that glares into your window at night, it's really none of your business. Frankly, I have to agree with the post that says depressed area - because we are becoming that. Yes alot of business come here and pay outrages rents, and close up in less than a year - so keep that in mind when you try to control what a shop looks like - soon we will have more empty shops.
Also, be careful all of you who want to control what our neighborhood looks like - will we soon blog and complain about the color of the flowers our neighbors plant in their front yards? or the color of the door next door? This isn't a private community, we are a city, if you want the charm & feel of a private, go move to a "Stepford" town. This is the stupidest thing I've heard or read.

Anonymous said...

Katia, you should be blushing. Don't you have anything else better to do than be an instigating, troublemaking shit stirer? Why don't you get a real job? Do something that will benefit humaity instead of causing trouble. How dare you take it upon yourself to decide you don't like a sign and go through all the steps to get it changed. Who made you the boss? What was wrong with that sign? There are plenty of ugly signs all around the neighborhood and no one has ever complained, but then again, it is a matter of personal opinion. Look at Joan Millman's sign, giant red white blue letters, or the NAIL awnings , etc. You should be ashamed of yourself calling the new business owner and telling him you didn't like the sign. You really need to take a step back and examine yourself. You have way too much free idle time on your hands, always minding peoples business, photographing them without their consent. Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, You are being unfair and unkind to Katia. In this case, as always, her comments were neither mean-spirited nor demanding.

She is a good addition to the neighborhood my family has lived in for over 100 years.

You are free to have your opinion, but there's no need to get personal.

Katia said...

Thanks for your kind words, Anon 11:42.
Much appreciated.

CG since before St. Agnes said...

To Anon April 6 @ 3:10 P/M

You are RIGHT!! It isn't our business. It's one thing to gossip about stuff and "shoot the S#it" BUT to make demands of NEW businesses because of a sign.

Lets just hope that this new business hires LOCAL staff and that they keep the place neat, clean & tasty.

LOL - Sometimes I feel we need NEW blood to replace some of the recent blood. LOL

(Katia - although he didn't have to be so mean, I have made the same point about turning into a Grumpy Old Lady - - - as I noted then, you are too young & vital to go that route.)

Katia said...

I really don't feel old at all....
Just a correction. I never asked anyone or any business to change any sign. I merely posted a photo and comments that I received from readers.
16 Handles' VP contacted me and agreed that the sign was a bit too 'loud' for the neighborhood.
Replacing it was definitely his suggestion and idea.

Joseph Carr said...

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