Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's Your Vision For 'Public Place' In Carroll Gardens?: Public Voice, Public Dream Mural Workshop At The Old Stone House

Our local elected Representatives envision a 774-unit,  mixed-income, mixed-use residential development for Public Place, the six acre brownfield site which runs along the Gowanus Canal and Smith Street.
But what do we, as the community want? What would our ideal Public Place look like?  Artist and Carroll Gardener Triada Samaras wants to incorporate our own vision into a Community Mural.
Read on:

Public Voice, Public Dream Community Mural Workshop
April 28, 2012
5 – 7:30 PM
Old Stone House
336 Third Street between 4th and 5th Ave
on the Second Floor Gallery
Come One, Come ALL!
Come and design your vision for Public Place with your family and neighbors at the Community Mural Making Workshop with Artist Triada Samaras, and Carroll Gardens CORD/Coalition for Respectful Development.
Public Place is a 6-acre vacant lot along the Gowanus Canal and Smith and Fifth Streets in Carroll Gardens. Your input and ideas may be considered for future development on the site.
This free workshop event is part of the current Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space Exhibition at the Old Stone House and newly renovated Washington Park.
Afterwards, you can join in other fun activities such as Circle Rules football and an Interactive Performance Art event.
More information here
To reserve your spot/s in advance, please email Triada at
See you there!


Anonymous said...

So they want to put more housing projects up!
Instead of letting the area grow naturally and letting the toxins dissipate.
Why would anyone even of moderate income live on top of a known carcinogen ?
Would Cancer be worth cheap rent?
People wake up!

Anonymous said...

Yes more housing of course!
Only this time with major health risks.
There's plenty of documentation including:

catwoman said...

Yes cancer housing it is unless somebody has some better ideas?
and knows how to persuade Mr. Lander and company?
How about PARKING????? Cars cant get cancer last I heard!