Friday, May 18, 2012

Amidst Big Drug Store Chains, A Small Local Pharmacy Thrives On Court Street

Bassam Amin. Pharmacist
In the past few years,  with the expansion of national drug store chains into the neighborhood, quite a few family-owned pharmacies have had to close their doors. (Anyone remember Renaissance?)
But amidst the Rite Aids and CVS', one family-owned pharmacy seems to not only survive, but thrive.
For the last six years,  Bassam Amin, owner of Wycoff's Corner Pharmacy at 205 Court Street has been filling prescriptions for local residents and has offered vitamins, natural herbs and surgical equipment.
Since the space is rather small, Amin will be expanding into the storefront at 203 Court Street just across the street, which was vacated recently by Yemen Airways/ Arabian Horizons Travel.*  The business will move as soon as work is completed.
Amin told me that the new store will provide him with double the space, which will allow him to fill more prescriptions and carry more items.   Good for him.  It can't be easy competing with all the chain stores.
He obviously is doing something right.

If you want to support a locally-owned pharmacy, give Wycoff's Corner Pharmacy a try.

*Just for an FYI, Yemen Airways/ Arabian Horizons Travel has moved to 6709 5th Avenue. Phone# 718 797 0906


Amal said...

I LOVE this pharmacy! When I used to live in Carroll Gardens, I would always go to Wyckoff Pharmacy & he always had prescription medicines that chains like Duane Reade were back ordered from. This guy is the man!

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree. About Wykoff. I miss Renaissance. They delivered. And were helpful and gave personal service.
I grew up in a town where all the pharmacies were owned and run by the pharmacists. My father was a physician and most, like my father, had symbiotic relationships with them.
Very old school.
The pharmacist at Rite Aid near the Carroll stop is very old school, too. I won't go there unless he is there. I believe the Renaissance women got scooped up by CVS. But I'll go to Wykoff over all of them. I hate traipsing through junk food isles just to fill a Rx.

Anonymous said...

My newborn was constipated and Bassam Amin couldn't have been more helpful. Being originally from the midwest, I had forgotten what it was like to get service from a mom and pop shop. Its a nice thing and hopefully places such as these stay around.

The Gingi said...

Fantastic place. I love getting my prescriptions there. I only wish that my health insurance required less products to be purchased from the stupid mail order pharmacies.